Rev. Brandon A. Blake, Pastor
Deacon Zachary Newland – Deacon Board Chair
Sister Mickey Thomas – Trustee Board Chair
Sister Kelli Ward – Board of Christian Education Chair

Worship & Arts Ministry

Anita W. Stevens – Director of Worship & Arts Ministry
Christopher Smith, Sr. , Pianist
William Bland, Organist
Karen Williams, Devotional Leader
Toni Towns, Director

Contact Information

4700 West Florissant Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63115
Church Office (314) 389-4544
Pastor’s Study (314) 389-4510
Web Site – www.newsunnymountmbc.org
Email Address – nsmbaptist@yahoo.com

Administration Staff

Elder Donald Douglas – Executive Assistant

Twanna Tabb – Office Manager
Stephanie Hemphill – Business Manager
Jim Lewis – Facilities Manager

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